Our Commitment to You

At Ohlde Seed Farms, our number one priority is providing our customers and dealers the highest attainable quality seed with the best possible customer service.

While quality and service are paramount, we also have a solid research program that has produced varieties and hybrids that are second to none in the industry. Results from university and private tests speak for themselves and the soybean varieties and corn and sorghum hybrids we offer are top performers.

Bringing Innovative Technology To Your Field

Ohlde Seed has access to the very best performing genetics and traits. Our solid research program and local plots enable us to produce varieties and hybrids that are engineered specifically for the wide variety of local soil types. It's our name on the side of the bag and we won't recommend it if we don't believe we can deliver the best possible yield results for your specific field.


Ohlde Seed is pleased to offer John Deere financing options.

Xtend Soybeans



Ohlde Seed Launches Online Prescription Planting

TabletBuilding on our philosophy that "no two fields are alike," Ohlde Seed Farms has invested into an online technology offering to provide an even more advanced seed selection service. The Ohlde Soil Specific Seed (OSSS) online service helps producers develop a prescription-planting program specifically tailored to their farms and fields using a vast array of farmer- and company-generated data.

The OSSS program combines on-farm data about soil attributes, crop rotation, equipment type, irrigation, etc., with the unique performance attributes of seed, chemical and fertilizer products to ensure optimal performance in each individual field.